News and Updates

We have introduced services of RTGS and E- Tax payment of income tax.

We are opening a new branch with Inter connectivity

During financial year
2009-10, Bank achieved “A+” Rating by RBI.

As per RBI guidelines, all eligible deposits have been covered under the deposit insurance scheme of DICGC.

Safety deposit lockers are available with us.

Avail Gold loans from Mahaveer Bank.


  1. Gold Loans
    Loan Quantum -  Per gram  - Rs. 1300/- OF PURITY
    Rate of Interest 
    Upto  6 months   -    13%
    Above 6 months  -    15%                                                                                                  More

  2. Housing Loans
    For purchase/ construction/repairs of house / flat.
    Rate of Interest
    Below 10 Lacs – 13% 
    Above 10 lacs – 25 lacs – 15%                                                                                           More

  3. Vehicle Loans
    For purchase of Two/ Three/ Four Wheeler for purpose of personal/Business use.
    70% of Invoice value.   Rate of Interest: 15% - 17%                                                           More

  4. Education Loans
    Upto Rs. 20.00 lacs for foreign education. And upto Rs. 10.00 lacs for Indian education                                                                                                                         More

  5. Trade Loans
    Traders avail working capital requirement on easy terms against your Stock, Book Debts, Plant & Machinery.
    Rate of Interest  15% - 17%                                                                                             More

  6. Business Loans or Mortgage Loans
    For investment in business. Rate of Interest – 17%                                                             More


    FD Rate + 2% (if FD belongs to same person) – 90% of Face value
    FD Rate + 3% (If FD belongs to Third Person) – 90% of Face Value                                     More

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