News and Updates

We have introduced services of RTGS and E- Tax payment of income tax.

We are opening a new branch with Inter connectivity

During financial year
2009-10, Bank achieved “A+” Rating by RBI.

As per RBI guidelines, all eligible deposits have been covered under the deposit insurance scheme of DICGC.

Safety deposit lockers are available with us.

Avail Gold loans from Mahaveer Bank.


     Message of Sr.Vice Chairman:  Mr. Ashok Kothari

Dear friends it is time for  celebration for all of us on the occasion of opening of our branch at Secunderabad.

“ Strength grows when we dare,
Unity grows when we cheers,
Relationship grows when we share, We care for each other”

So let share, our joy, You being a well wisher shall definitely  take care of business growth of bank and let us grow together, opening of this branch is result of our relationship and  togetherness.

For purpose of better customer service we are providing with online solution, both the branches are interlinked so you can transact your account from any of the center which itself is the unique.

We have arrangements of R.T.G.S ,on line Income Tax payment and D.D/At par cheque any where in India. With your blessings and hard work of our staff  members definitely  we will  grow together. 

Thank you one and All.

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